Shock poll puts Tories in 3rd place – behind UKIP

12 January: The Mirror is reporting that a poll in tomorrow’s Sunday People will show that UKIP have edged ahead of the Conservatives – according to voting intentions for the European Elections.

The poll puts Labour ahead on 35%, UKIP on 23%, the Tories on 22% with their coalition partners the Lib Dems on 8%.

The news comes as David Cameron tries to appease the Eurosceptics in his own party by making tough noises about EU reform, which have alarmed business leaders and even some of his coalition partners.

Labour leader Ed Miliband is adamant Britain should stay in the EU.

“Some cabinet ministers in this Government now openly say we would be better off outside the EU,” he said. “I will not allow our country to sleepwalk toward exit because it would be a betrayal of our national interest.”


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