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Osborne ‘cynical’ to link Philpott deaths with welfare cuts, says Ed Balls | Politics | The Guardian



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440,000 families ‘will lose £16.90 a week’ in benefits double-whammy | Society | The Guardian


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Not so Universal Credit: Government puts the brakes on trials of its controversial new benefits programme – UK Politics – UK – The Independent


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Pensioners face cuts on fuel allowances, bus passes and TV licences – Telegraph

The future of the payments was thrown into fresh doubt on Friday after Number 10 suggested that they would be reviewed and senior Liberal Democrats called for them to be means-tested from April 2015.

Talks between the Conservatives and Lib Dems over a fresh wave of cuts have already begun.

Mr Clegg is said to be ready to call for means-testing pensioners’ benefits in the negotiations, if Tories call for more cuts to welfare.

Pensioners face cuts on fuel allowances, bus passes and TV licences – Telegraph.

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Fury of ‘stay at home’ mums snubbed over benefit changes

7 January: The Telegraph reports that campaigners, MPs and even a former Tory minister have criticised the coalition’s changes to the way child benefit is paid, saying it unfairly penalises parents who stay at home to look after their children.

Tim Loughton, the Tory MP and the Coalition’s former children’s minister, said: “There is an army of parents who work hard at home to bring up their children who are losing out on child benefit and other allowances now.

“They need a Conservative-led Government to put into practice what it said on the tin in our manifesto and deliver a transferable married couples tax allowance in the next Budget before time runs out.

“Trotting out tired mantras about accommodating the voting sensitivities of Lib Dem MPs with very different views on the family just won’t wash anymore.”


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