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Ed Miliband attacks ‘nasty’ George Osborne as DWP faces court challenge over benefit reforms – UK Politics – The Independent

The controversial reforms to disability benefits will be challenged in court by a group of disabled people who say that the government’s consultation over the new rules was unlawful. If successful, the campaign would deal a second major blow to Iain Duncan Smith’s wide-ranging reforms.

Three activists have asked for permission to bring a judicial review of the government’s consultation over the introduction of the Personal Independence Payment, which is replacing the Disability Living Allowance. They claim that ministers made the regulations more stringent after the consultation process was finished.

Ed Miliband attacks ‘nasty’ George Osborne as DWP faces court challenge over benefit reforms – UK Politics – UK – The Independent.

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Not so Universal Credit: Government puts the brakes on trials of its controversial new benefits programme – UK Politics – UK – The Independent


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Leaked jobcentre newsletter urges staff to improve on sanctions targets | Society | The Guardian


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Labour demands action over jobcentre targets | Society | The Guardian


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Bedroom tax ‘in chaos’ after Iain Duncan Smith announces exemptions | Society | The Guardian

Bedroom tax 'in chaos' after Iain Duncan Smith announces exemptions | Society | The Guardian.

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500,000 workers to be worse off under benefits changes

6th January: The Observer reports that half a million low paid workers such as teachers, soldiers and nurses will be worse off as a result of the Coalition’s benefit reforms.

The planned rise of 1% for many benefits is widely regarded as the Coalition being tough on the workshy, but in fact it is those in work who will be worst hit.

The Observer also published the following letter, signed by (among others) the chief executives of the Children’s Society, Banardo’s, and Citizens Advice:

On Tuesday, MPs will debate the introduction of a 1% cap on benefit and tax credit increases under the Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill. If introduced, this hardship penalty will hurt millions of families across the country – families already struggling to pay for food, fuel, rent and other basics.

Many thousands have turned to food banks for help. Nearly half of teachers say they often see children going hungry. Shockingly, 6 million households struggle to afford to heat their homes.

As the costs of fuel, food and housing rise again, we can expect to see these problems become even more severe and widespread.

This hardship penalty comes on top of freezes to child benefit and working tax credit, and cuts to housing benefit and council tax benefit. As a result of the 1% cap, a single-parent primary school teacher or a nurse with two children stands to lose £424 a year by 2015. An army second lieutenant with three children could lose £552 a year. If they are in private rented housing or if prices rise faster than expected, the loss is likely to be even greater.

The government must make sure that increases in benefit rates at the very least reflect rises in the cost of living. Otherwise, this toll will deepen inequality and increase poverty.


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Universal Credit IT system in chaos

1st January: The Guardian reported that Iain Duncan Smith’s flagship Universal Credit policy was again under threat as the IT system which matches employers and bank’s records was failing 25% of the time.

The controversial project is already dogged by delays and IT failures, despite Duncan Smith staking his reputation on it.


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